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The LOG-ON Team

520 8th Ave
New York, NY, 10018
United States


LOG-ON, New York City's premier mailing, digital printing and fulfillment facility. 

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From Account Executives to Sales to Creative (and everything in between)!  These are the guys that make LOG-ON tick and we are so excited for you to meet them.

Erica Sue


Hometown: Millbrae, California

Favorite Food: Pasta


Coming Soon...


Justin Ehrlicher

Sales Executive

Years at LOG-ON: 1.5

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Favorite Food: Most Chinese Food and, recently, Thai Food too! 

"I had an open chest surgery and am still lucky enough to live life to the fullest!"


Gerson Espinal


Years at LOG-ON: 1 

Hometown: New York City (born and raised)

Favorite Sport: Soccer


Bill Vojtech

Prepress/Digital Print-Xante

Years at LOG-ON: 2.5

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Favorite Food: Yes

"I once saw a newt with an extra arm growing out of it's neck"

Mina Shi

Senior Account Executive

Years at LOG-ON: 4.5

Hometown: Albany, New York

Favorite Food: French Fries

"I've never met a bad french fry"

Dylan Bailey


Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Favorite Food: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts


Mary Santos Barinas

Production Floor

Years at LOG-ON: 16



Danny Pena


Years at LOG-ON: 4

Hometown: Bronx, New York

Favorite Food: Mom's Cooking

"I can't swim at all!"


LOG-ON is always on the search for hard working individuals to join our team. Contact us to learn more about openings!

Coming Soon...

Gabriel Elyaszadeh


Hometown: Elizabeth, New Jersey

Favorite Food:  Falafel


McKenzie Davidson


Hometown: Orange County, California

Favorite Food: Anything with Avocado

"I used to say 'I've never broken a bone' until last year when someone stepped on my foot and broke my pinky toe!"

Jeff Mumford

Digital Print - Konica

Years at LOG-ON: 2

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Favorite Food:  Fast Food Junky

"I once modeled for FUBU Clothing Co. in 1999"

Hoclay Mganga

Prepress/Digital Print-Wide Format

Hometown: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Favorite Food: Chicken Pilau

Favorite Music: Bongo Flavor

Favorite Sport:  Soccer

"My day always starts with breakfast.  I LOVE breakfast and i can't go even a single day without eating it.  I will eat breakfast even if it is only one hour before I eat lunch!"


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